Luks Encryption

I encrypted my root filesystem with the ubuntu default installer script. When the system boots i have to enter a password to decrypt my root partion with a password. But i want my internal drives to be encrypted as well and avoid to enter a password each time the partition is mounted. We will begin with the encryption of a pendrive to see how that works and what happens behind the scenes and resume with auto-mounting encrypted internal drives in another blog post.

Shell Scripting

A bunch of things about shell scripting i always forget. Writing it down helps me to keep that in mind.

Restic Backup

Restic is a backup program written in go that makes doing backups easy. Here’s how i do it.

Ssh Reverse Proxy

Here’s a quick guide on how to use ssh reverse proxy for web development. It’s useful when you want to access your local development server from outside your local network.

Serving Websites With Caddy

I am always tired of administrating servers, that’s why i’m constantly searching for easier tools. Caddy is one of them, and i easily replaced apache with it.

Disable Root Login On A Server

For security reasons its neccessary to disable the root user login on servers. Just look at /var/log/auth.log to see who tries to login.